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Quality Hunting Safaris

Company was established in 2017 by owner and operator Brian Roodt.

The company was established to help clients get quality trophies at a reasonable price with a top class experience of Africa. The name, “Quality Hunting Safaris” was the name Brian chose to represent value and authenticity.

With QHS we pride ourself with top quality trophy hunts that is value for money,  which sets us apart from the rest of the hunting industry in Africa. Not only do we focus on the quality of the trophies but also on the experience of the hunt, the friendship and the family bond you have after the hunt is over. It is a priceless memory and experience, as it should be!

We consider the entire family experience by also arranging photographic safaris or fishing safaris.

We do plains game hunts to hunting the dangerous 7 in Africa. We specialise in leopard hunts and is our main focus depending on the number of leopard tags available each year and how good the areas is.


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Date Born: 1990
Country: Namibian

Brian was born in Windhoek, Namibia. He grow up on a farm bordering the Etosha National Park, which has since been sold.

Brian went to University in South Africa, whereafter he did some training for two big hunting companies. It is then where he decided to give it a shot and open his own hunting company. Brian is the sole owner and operator at QHS.  He guides the majority of the clients himself. He is a hard working, energetic person that puts the needs of his clients first

Brian is very passionate about hunting and will give his utmost best to get each client a good quality trophies. He also have shot 4 of the dangerous 7 animals and is a big dream to complete it .

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